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The Pharmacie du Moulin team hopes you a happy new year 2024.


With the beginning of the new year, it’s a good thing to remember basics about healthcare. 
It’s a good time for a new start and changes about bad habits. 
Time to focus on good things for your body, your mind, your general health. 
Time to verificate if you’re update with your vaccination calendar. 
Time to follow the dry january after the excess of christmass and new year’s eve. 
Time to think about the stop of smoking.
Time to move more, oxygenate your mind and body and don’t follow the Churchill’s way of life of « No sport » rule. ;-)
Time to take good resolutions and try to keep them on all along the new year.
Time to live better to live longer.

And if all these good resolutions are difficult to make, don't forget, we are here to help you take care of your health.

With our products and our advice.


PS : The Pharmacie du Cours merged with our Pharmacie,

« la Pharmacie du Moulin ». The whole team is working now in the Pharmacie du Moulin, at our new premises, 85 chemin du Pin Bernard, 83690 Salernes.



About Vaccination:

The pharmacie vaccinate for Covid19, Flu and other usual diseases. Ask us for more informations.

In addition, if you have any doubts regarding your physical condition (a fever, a persistent cough or other symptoms likely to be associated with a Covid19), do not hesitate:
to allow the whole local population to test themselves and determine a possible infection with Sars-Cov2, the pharmacie as well as several nursing practices, offer to perform antigenic tests.

It is not necessary anymore to make an appointment to carry out the tests.


Contact us for more information.


You only speak english, not french? It's not a problem.


You want to visit us?

Opening time: 8:30am - 12:30am and 2:30pm - 7pm (UTC/GMT +2 hours in summer)

Opening days: from monday to saturday (closed sunday)

Adress: 85 chemin du Pin Bernard, quartier le plantiers, 83690 Salernes or click               to see where we are.


You want to call us or send us a medical prescription?

Phone number: +33 494 67 54 56

Fax: +33 494 70 69 49



What do we do?

At the Pharmacie du Moulin, in Salernes, we  offer all pharmaceutical services you can normally find in France:

dispensing prescriptions, confidential health advice and self-care, natural and homeopathy medecine sales, patient medication record, medicines use review (MURs or Medi-Check, the equivalent in France is called "Entretiens pharmaceutiques" et "Bilan Partagé de Médication"), extensive range of mobility and daily living aids, unwanted medicines from patients supported, smoking cessation advice and products and more ...

Our pharmacy collects your data to process your contact request. The required data are necessary to follow up and are reserved for the exclusive use of our pharmacy. They will in no case be communicated to third parties. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. Only you can exercise these rights on your own data by contacting

SELARL Pharmacie du Moulin – 85 chemin du Pin Bernard, quartier le plantiers, 83690 Salernes